• Statement of National Television and Radio Council

    On July 12, the units of the armed forces of Armenia attempted an attack using artillery to seize our positions on the Tovuz direction of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border. During the fighting, while preventing an enemy attack, four Azerbaijani servicemen were killed and several more were injured. As a result of the adequate steps undertaken by our units, the enemy was defeated.

    In connection with this event and the death of our servicemen, the majority of TV and radio broadcasters operating in our country immediately made changes to their programs, removed the music and entertainment programs from the air. Taking into account the part-time employment of TV company employees and technical aspects in the context of the pandemic on some channels this process took place the next day. As the National TV and Radio Council, we support the sensitive reaction of broadcasters to this process and recommend them to be more active on such days.

    We wish victory to the Azerbaijani Army!

    May Allah rest in peace the souls of the lost!


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