• Statement of National Television and Radio Council

    Some news agencies spread information about the termination of cable broadcasting of "LIDER TV" channel and that instead of this channel, "APA TV" channel will be broadcast in packages of cable network operators.

    As the National Television and Radio Council, we declare that the license of "LIDER TV" channel is valid and the channel continues its activity, since there is no court decision that has entered into force declaring "LIDER TV and Radio - Azerbaijan LLC" bankrupt. As all nation-wide free-to-air terrestrial channels, the “LIDER TV” channel are being broadcasted through all cable network operators. The information that broadcasting of "LIDER TV" channel via cable networks was suspended without decision of National Television and Radio Council and instead of "LIDER TV", "APA TV" or "Baku TV" will broadcast through cable networks is not true.

    Meanwhile since internet television channels like "APA TV" or "Baku TV" are not available in free-to-air terrestrial broadcasting, their broadcasting in the packages of cable networks operators is prohibited.

    Before sharing this kind of news, editors are kindly requested to obtain accurate information from National Television and Radio Council, the regulatory authority on television and radio broadcasting sphere.


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